Is your credit score getting worse with each down? Are you also concerned about your debt that seems to be ballooning rapidly because of interest penalties? That’s where we chip in to assist. Whether your debt situation is still not that bad but you want professional assistance so that things don’t go out of hand, or you are already wallowing in a sea of debts that you fear losing your assets, we cover both situations. Our services include:

  • Debt Management Plan

Our debt management plan is designed to help you merge all your credits under a single monthly payment. So with one monthly payment to us, we will be disbursing funds to all your unsecured debts and credit cards, which sets you off their hook. Another important reason for opting to a debt management plan is that it forces your creditors to remove interest on the money you owe them – those who cannot eliminate it the law requires them to lower the interest substantially.

  • Debt Settlement Program

With this service, our debt settlement expert comes into the scene to make a one-time lump sum payment to help settle your debts. Off cause, this happens after negotiating and putting it to writing. The offer we propose depends on your current financial situation – so no need to be afraid. From the name alone, you know this is a program that intervenes to settle debts. It also eliminates interest in the cash you owed your creditors, plus the negotiation will lower your total debt sometimes up to an 80% cut. So instead of creditors pushing, you’ll be paying us slowly.

  • Debt Consolidation

Circumstances may lead you to miss the agreed monthly debt repayment, which means you risk facing interest penalties. If this has already happened to you severally, what you need may not be more money, but a workable plan to help you stick to your promise. Our qualified debt advisers will help you make wise decisions and manage your finances better.  

  • Other services

We also help you file a consumer proposal, which protects you from being harassed by creditors or your assets being repossessed. Hold you by hand as you fight getting out of credit and file bankruptcy if you really have to, and more.


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