Getting out of debt might seem hard but it is very possible. All it takes to begin the exodus is a bit of professional debt counseling and financial assistance from a dedicated personal finance company. At DebtFree we take it as our responsibility to help you get the full support and advice you need to climb out of your debts. One area that needs to be dealt with soberly, to achieve a debt-free life is revisiting how you manage your expenses.    

With DebtFree’s credit rehabilitation program you are guaranteed to also start building up savings, not just working on your expenses. We also offer products such as automotive service loans, power equipment financing, home repair financing and more.

Why Us

We’ve helped many people come out of tight financial situations. Are you unable to make consisted on-time repayments to service your loans? No worry we will devise a more manage plan after we’ve reduced your debt amount through our debt consolidation program.

We have a proven-to-work debt settlement program that helps you save on interest. By assessing your income against all your expenses together with you, our experts will help balance how you pay your creditor to avoid interests and penalties. As in, know what creditors to service first based on their terms and conditions to keep safe. 


  • Avoid those harassing collection calls

To tackle debt stress you need to be free from those harassing collection calls and that fear of getting into bankruptcy. In other words, engage our debt management experts to answer such calls on your behalf.  

  • Safeguard your assets

To gain immediate protection over your assets from debt collectors, a trustee can come in to file a consumer proposal for you. What’s that? It is a legal letter to your debtors through a licensed insolvency trustee like us, stating that you are facing financial challenges and that you can only afford a lower amount as repayment to their loan.    


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